Cryotherapy - Details

“Frigidarium – cold plunge baths were used in Ancient Roman Bath-houses. As technology has changed we evolved & introduced cryotherapy for a deeper cold therapy".

Our Whole Body Cryotherapy treatment will expose you to a controlled amount of cold temperature to reduce pain & inflammation, boost metabolism & weight loss, & enhance your body’s natural healing ability. The cold temperature causes the blood vessels to contract, to firm & tighten skin. Then dilate & swell with fresh, nutrient & enzyme rich blood that can encourage new cell growth, flush out & provide a healing boost to your body.\

What is Cryotherapy?

Step inside this high tech cylinder and liquid nitrogen-cooled air (-140 degrees below zero) rushes in and cools your skin to a chilly -30 degrees, yet penetrates just a half millimetre. You slowly rotate for up to three minutes, holding your hands up and out of the freeze, wearing socks on your toes, and some underwear to cover your privates. Cryo Chamber is a new way of improving the health of the entire body.

It corrects physiological processes, restores natural balance and stimulates metabolism. The treatment is based on short contact of skin with extremely low temperatures of -120 to -180 °C for 2-3 minutes. The results of a treatment can be seen in 5-10 minutes after the session and last up to 8 hours. The treatment provides intensive stimulation of immune system, provokes endorphin saturation of blood, and blocks pain of any origin.

What are the benefits?

Due to its general rejuvenating effect the Cryo Chamber gives a great synergetic support to all the cosmetic and aesthetic treatment technologies - without exception. By means of microcirculation boosting, metabolic optimisation, strengthening of skin turgor, a general Cryo Chamber treatment provides a considerable improvement of exterior aesthetic look of the skin, bringing it to the state of “milk and roses”. Cryotherapy is an excellent remedy for a myriad of skin disorders and thousands of people have received relief for even more challenging sicknesses. Regular 3 minute long sessions in a Cryo Chamber will boost the youthful appearance and improving our mental energy at the same time, the results are often very impressive and always positive.

Cryo Therapy is also a great calorie burner, Just one 3min session can burn up to 800 Calories and increase your metabolism for up to 8hrs post your session.