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Crystal Elixir Water Bottles



At Blue Lagoon Float and Spa we are excited to introduce to you our 'Crystal Elixir Water Bottles'.

A beautifully designed water bottle sleek and stylish, intended to supercharge you throughout the day carrying wellness with you - where ever you go!

Keeping your goals and intentions by your side, your crystal works in tune with you.





Many of us are on our wellness journey or a pursuit of personal growth and it is easy to get side tracked, the idea behind a Crystal Elixir Water Bottle is to 'set your intention' with your crystal and make that connection to your self and your purpose each and every day.


Cleansing your Crystal


Cleansing your crystal is easy and a beautiful way to connect with your crystal and have it work at optimum level 


Moonlight - run your crystal underwater and place near a window sill or outside, when the moon is at it's brightest , leave over night, so it can bathe in this light. In your own way ask that the crystal be renewed- a full moon also charges the crystal.


Nature - place your crystal in nature, under a tree, amongst garden plants or on the lawn under the stars, ideally for an entire dusk- dawn period, intend for it to be replenished by mother nature


Water - run fresh, clean water over your crystal, intend for it to be renewed and ask that any impurity that may have have been imprinted be washed away.. waterfalls, fresh water streams and rivers are the most invigorating, charging and cleansing all at the same time


..with all options, find one that will work best for you


Set your intentions


Programming your cleansed crystal is a ritual similar to setting your own intentions, you prepare the crystal to work with you, by setting a goal for how you would like to amplify your life!

Holding your crystal in your hand- project a desired outcome of your role together, you are being specific about how you would like the crystal to use it's properties to work with you - you may like to work on abundance, clarity, confidence or finding purpose.

You are simply harnessing the crystals natural energies in support of your journey.




A Crystal Elixir Water Bottle is no ordinary water vessel and can be a powerful tool to assist you in living out your purpose and creating ritual in each day. Life can be one crazy roller coaster and by instilling ritual and stillness with a sprinkle of intention your road may be a tad clearer -  set yourself a reminder each week to cleanse and recharge your water bottle.


Use the freshest of water available to you, preferably filtered- and treat your bottle with kindness and care, like a dear friend!


..remember the Dr Emoto  and the 'blessing water experiment'!


note: the bottle is not a filter in it's function!


Good luck to you, and your journey, we are delighted to share it with you! 

to support you to 'find your authentic self'


Price - $79.00


Blue Lagoon Float and Spa Team