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Some frequently asked questions when considering a float session



If you wonder if you may feel tense in our pods, feel assured our Dream Tanks are state of the art and not the usual tanks you see in photos, they are designed to provide a sense of space- people feel relief at the size. You choose when you would like to open/ close the lid! and a beautiful soft light gives a feeling of calm. Floatation can soften claustrophobia and often progressive floats improve the condition greatly.


Is floatation beneficial to pregnancy?

Yes! Absolutely from 2nd trimester onward, as long as you feel well in yourself, weightless has benefits to relieving pressure to hips, lumbar and spine, as well as providing an opportunity to relax and connect to baby


Can children float?

Yes absolutely at select times we offer child floats (under 12) -refer to our child float page!


Is there any lighting in the Pod?

Yes. We have soft coloured lighting or no light - the option is yours

You may turn that off in the pod if you prefer to float in the dark.


So I wear bathers?

bathers are optional, however if you feel you may relax better with bathers, then you are welcome to bring yours and shower before hand in them, to remove any phosphates from the fabric


Can I float with a friend?

We have just one pod per person/ per session as this is how you will relax more and experience the benefits of floatation. We have 2 pods, so book ahead to ensure you can secure a time space together.


What is Sensory Deprivation? 

This is a silent float experience with no light, said to enhance inner journey work, however for your initial float we recommend sound for your mind to follow as you drift into your experience.


Is music available?

Yes, we have specific floatation tracks, designed to facilitate meditation and a restful experience for your time in the pod, upon request we record what you liked to play again next time


Are the pods clean?

Yes! Dream Pods have state of the art filtration systems, with tank water running through micro filters, UV treatment in between each session, with daily monitoring of Ph, phosphate and alkaline water health tests. Our tanks meet the requirements of commercial cleanliness standards.


Vertigo Conditions?

Floating is not recommended during an active vertigo stage, we advise you have your condition

is assessed and treated by a GP / health professional before trying floating.


We understand you have many more curiosities around floating, you are welcome to call us on 08 8346 0205!



Photo credit - Pexels- Kaylene Hasimoto