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Floatation Therapy for Children

Q. Would your child benefit from:


 calm / connection / grounding / confidence


Does your child experience, highs and low's, emotional struggles,

muscle tension, anxiety/ bullying / grief or is highly creative/ cognitive


  • Floatation may be right for you and your child
  • Enjoy a shared experience with both parent/guardian and child in our spacious 'Floatariums'
  • Allow your child the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of floatation with you.
  • A beautiful bonding experience beneficial to both personal growth and self confidence.




30 mins $45 


  • Child Floats (age 8 to 12 years)
  • Every float must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.
  • Parent/Guardian may float for free together with child in our spacious float pod and enjoy a shared bonding experience.
  • Our Child Floatation Sessions are curated by Matina Trimarchi our Founder who has a Bachelor in Early Childhood Education.

Enquire in Spa to find out more.  Hyde Park: 0412990006