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High Performance Facials 


Hydro-dermabrasion Facial  

Hydrate and Re-condition 

30mins $85

60mins $139

Hydro-dermabrasion is the next generation method for resurfacing your skin, using high performance dual technology to infuse serum to target your personal skin concerns as well as providing a gentle but advanced exfoliation of your skin. A personalised skin treatment available for most skin types with clinically proven results treating pigmentation an uneven skin tone and correcting hydration, plumping out fine line for firm glowing skin!

For ultimate results and to maintain your skin health, we recommend an initial treatment plan of a series of four treatments over the course of a month, one week apart.  


Led Light Therapy Facial

30mins $60

A deeply Healing light therapy facial utilizing Red, Blue, Purple light with customized masque and skin care application to help increase collagen, reduce fine lines, combat breakouts. Includes cleanse, masque led light soothing hand massage and hydration to finish


Light Therapy + Peel Facial

Plumping, anti-ageing, brightening, anti-inflammatory 

60min $159

Light Therapy (LED) emits therapeutic colour of light energy which is used by cells in the dermis to convert to ATP, giving them fuel for all cellular functions and increasing collagen synthesis. LED can be used for every skin concern and every skin type and is completely comfortable and painless with no down-time or redness. 

If acne is your concern, our blue light therapy work to clear acne and congestion due to its bacteria killing frequency. Results are enhanced with the use of a Hyaluronic Light Rejuvenation Masque and targeted product with state-of-the-art ingredient complexes. 

Our AHA and BHA professional foams peel gently, to resurface and prepare the skin for LED technology, this beautiful combination ensures the best performance and outcome of your facial. For ultimate results and to maintain your skin health, we recommend an initial treatment plan of a series of four treatments. 


Hydro-dermabrasion and LED combination 

75min $168

Combining the best of new age dermal technology and cell rejuvenation, with the all in one skin treatment to encourage skin renewal and a shift in healing utilising hydro-dermabrasion and LED light therapy. This combo is for those seeking a skin intervention and a fresh, hydrated and reconditioned complexion.


Waterlily Power Peels 

Resurface and renew

30min $85

Waterlily AHA and BHA botanical peels are designed for the ultimate skin renewal, using active botanicals and green science to gently encourage build up and dead skin to whisk away, while delivering an aromatic, holistic skin treatment.


Power Series 

Longer Lasting Results 


For your best results we recommend a series of (4) or more 30 minute Performance Facials to create positive change in your skin and longer lasting results. 

Perfect for preparing for a wedding or special event and to claim back a fresh 'look and feel' skin.

Options for 4 x 30min series=

4 x Hydro-dermabrasion Facial 

4 x LED Facial 

4 X Waterlily Power Facial 


For appointments contact Blue Lagoon Float and Spa for more information and advise your therapist if you have any health concerns with under going treatment and other skin therapy. 




Dermalogica Performance Facials 


Redness Relief Facial

60mins $120



With active ingredients focusing on calming and cooling the skin Dermalogica's Ultra Calming Range is the sensitive skin go-to. Highlighting the NEW Redness relief Essence and professional - only Clinical Oatmeal Masque to calm sensitive complexions



Intensive Moisture Facial

60mins $120



Our Intensive Moisture facial features a Bio- Replenish Complex ti deliver key barrier lipids to support barrier recovery and visably reduce dryness- creating a softer complexion and feel. Utilising the properties of the Intensive Moisture cleanser and Intensive Moisture balance to future maximise your results.



Active Clearing Facial

60 mins $120



Targeting adult acne and visable premature ageing our Active Clearing Facial highlights the NEW AGE Bright Clearing serum and Spot Fader. THE AGE Bright Complex of ingredients work's with the skins natural micro-biome while salicylic acid gently exfoliates to reduce break-outs


Phyto-Nature Firming Facial

75 mins $150



Skin boosting, firming, hydrating and recharging for softening of deep lines, age spots, improving, skin tone and the appearance of the skin. This facial delivers Professional  results with Dermalogica's new hero formula the Phyto- Nature firming  serum along with professional anti - ageing masque and layers of hydration you will look and feel revitalised!