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Preparation For Float Therapy

For your best experience please observe these tips prior to your floating session


Arrive at least 10 minutes early!! - this enables you to settle into spa, sip on some herbal tea and full out a health history form, it is an opportunity to relax before we introduce you to your float session.


Avoid caffeine! even if you are used to a regular coffee, it make you feel edgy and disallow your body to enter a beautiful theta state - zero stimulants is vital to floatation


Read our frequently asked questions page - so you feel prepared in a way that allows your mind to retreat when you arrive and you feel prepared for your float session


Spray tans and hair dyes - if you have had either recently, you may be unable to float, due to reds and brown dyes dropping out in the crystal clear tank water! Please allow 3 washes for hair dyes and 3 showers for spray tans before you float 




In most cases floatation is safe and available to most people! - as individuals we also have varying health journeys, so we ask you to observe the following contras to floating


Kidney disorders - dialysis etc - if your kidneys are unable to filter, you will be unable to take on the large dose of magnesium in the tank, like wise certain prescription medication may inhibit your kidney function


Low Blood Pressure  - floatation naturally lowers your blood pressure, if you are at risk of fainting due to low blood pressure, floatation therapy may not be suitable for you


1st Trimester of Pregnancy - precautionary period for all treatments, we ask you wait until 2nd trimester before floating


Other medical conditions - we ask that you to seek a clearance letter from your GP prior to floating to ensure it is safe for you.