Light Therapy + Peel Facial - 60min

Light Therapy + Peel Facial - 60min

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Plumping, anti-ageing, brightening, anti-inflammatory

Treatment description: 60min light therapy and peel facial.

Light Therapy (LED) emits therapeutic colour of light energy which is used by cells in the dermis to convert to ATP, giving them fuel for all cellular functions and increasing collagen synthesis. LED can be used for every skin concern and every skin type and is completely comfortable and painless with no down-time or redness. 

If acne is your concern, our blue light therapy work to clear acne and congestion due to its bacteria killing frequency. Results are enhanced with the use of a Hyaluronic Light Rejuvenation Masque and targeted product with state-of-the-art ingredient complexes. 

Our AHA and BHA professional foams peel gently, to resurface and prepare the skin for LED technology, this beautiful combination ensures the best performance and outcome of your facial. For ultimate results and to maintain your skin health, we recommend an initial treatment plan of a series of four treatments. 

Please advise your therapist if you have any health concerns with under going treatment and other skin therapy. 

Please note: This purchase does not count as a reservation. You will need to call (08) 7084 2233 to make an appointment and supply the order number to redeem the treatment. This purchase is valid for 3 years and is not redeemable for cash.