IPL Permanent Hair Removal Information

Hair Removal Treatments

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. It is a non-invasive light-based technology used to permanently remove unwanted hair. IPL is suitable for a wider range of hair colours compared to laser hair removal, including blonde and red hair. 

IPL is a leading choice when seeking permanent and hassle-free hair removal solutions. In addition, IPL offers a great way to save on the ongoing cost and time spent on waxing, shaving and depilatory creams. 

Usually a course of 6-8 treatments is required to achieve an optimal result, but once you've completed your treatment cycle, you can look forward to a lifetime of smooth skin with only the occasional maintenance treatment.

Is IPL Permanent Hair Removal suitable for me? Treatments are suitable for a wide range of skin types and hair colours. Your clinician will discuss your expected results during your consultation. 

How many treatments will I need? This depends on your individual hair type. Most clients require 6-8 sessions to receive optimum results though hair will reduce and become finer with each treatment. For some, maintenance treatments may be required to achieve a lifetime of smooth skin. This will depend on a range of factors which your clinician will discuss during your consultation. 

How long do I have to wait between treatments? Treatments must be conducted at regular intervals. Generally, 4-6 weeks between treatments are recommended, depending on the area being treated. 

What can I expect after my IPL sessions? Facial hair will take 7-10 days to fall out while body hair may take 2-3 weeks. Individual results will depend on your skin type, hair coarseness and natural growth cycle. Your clinician will be able to provide you more information on what to expect based on your own individual situation during your consultation.


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Package Price
 Brazilian, Underarm and full leg  $219
Underarm and Half Leg $109
Brazilian and Underarm $89


Price list:
Location Price
 Lip $20
Chin $20
Face - Sides $39
Underarms $39
Half Arm $89
Full Arm $189
Half Leg $99
Full Leg $179
Bikini $29
Brazilian (xxx) $59
Stomach $69
Chest $79
Back $129
Buttocks $59