Preparation Before your Treatments

Arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your treatments! - this enables you to settle into spa, sip on some herbal tea and fill out a health history form, it is also a great opportunity to relax and unwind before we commence your treatments. 



Preparation For Float Therapy

For your best experience please observe these tips prior to your floating session


Eat before you arrive (within 2 hours) even a snack, as magnesium is best absorbed with food in the belly and hunger could distract you from relaxation!


Hydration is a must, as the body will replenish and detox with therapeutic magnesium  - H20 is needed to replenish tissues to allow that healthy exchange to take place!


Avoid caffeine! even if you are used to a regular coffee, it make you feel edgy and will disallow your body to enter a beautiful theta state - zero stimulants is vital to floatation


If if have any minor abrasions on the skin please advise staff before you float, so staff can advise provide you with a solution to salt stinging on that area of your body!


Read our FAQ's - so you feel prepared before you arrive ready for your floatation session!


Spray tans and hair dyes - if you have had either within seven days you will be unable to float, due to reds and brown dyes dropping out in the crystal clear water! Please allow 3 washes for hair dyes and 3 showers for spray tans before you float. If your hair colour still runs when you wash it, please do not float!




Floatation during pregnancy is a beautiful and nurturing experience connecting mother and bub is a weightless, harmonious environment


Benefits of floatation during pregnancy are- 

  •  nourishing tired tissues and joints
  •  taking the weight off the spine and hips
  •  weightlessness
  •  replenishment - 1 hour float 
  •  restoring circadian rythms
  •  lymphatic flow- light and even pressure of water on the body
  •  rest - 1 hour float is equal to 4 hours sleep replenishment
  •  immune system recharge
  •  relax the nervous system 
  •  hypnobirth clients can listen to their pod casts while floating (arrive early to load the system) 

...many, many more beneifts


Safe and available from 2nd Trimester onward


Note : With complicated pregnancies or low blood pressure, allow time to seek doctors advice 1st for clearance to ensure that floatation is suitable for you


Feel free to contact the spa should you have any questions with floatation and pregnancy




In most cases floatation is safe and available to all people! - as individuals we also have varying health journeys, so we ask you to observe the following contras to floating


Kidney disorders - dialysis or 1 Kidney etc - if your kidneys are unable to filter, you will be unable to take on the large dose of magnesium in the tank, like wise certain prescription medication may inhibit your kidney function


Low Blood Pressure  - floatation naturally lowers your blood pressure, if you are at risk of fainting due to low blood pressure, floatation therapy may not be suitable for you


1st Trimester of Pregnancy - precautionary period for all treatments, we ask you wait until 2nd trimester before floating


Cancer and serious illnesses - if you are undergoing any medical care, we recommend you consult your doctor if floatation is right for you, as medication's may compromise kidney function and floatation requires healthy kidneys to filter the high dose of magnesium!! Please seek a clearance from your GP prior to your appointment.


Vertigo - floating is not recommended during an active vertigo stage, we advise you have your condition assessed and treated by a GP / health professional before trying floatation.


Recent illness - recent illness such as gastro or vomitting is not an indication for floatation, we recommend that you stay at home and rest until all illness has cleared 


Epilepsy/seizures - for safety reasons we do not allow people with epilepsy or prone to seizures to do floatation


Other medical conditions - we ask that you to seek a clearance letter from your GP prior to floating to ensure it is safe for you.


Some frequently asked questions when considering a float session



You may wonder if you may experience claustrophobia?

Our float pools are the largets in Australia, designed to provide you with a sense of space. You can also choose to sit in the float pool and absorb magnesium - a beautiful soft light gives a feeling of calm - often

clients are relived when they see how spacious the space is and progressive floats can improve your anxiety toward a this perception.

Our open Float pools can carter for couples and group bookings greater than 2.



Is floatation beneficial to pregnancy?

Yes! Absolutely from 2nd trimester onward, as long as you feel well in yourself, and are not experiencing nausea or complications, please read above our pregnancy section, floatation is a great opportunity to relax the body structures and connect to baby


Can children float?

Yes absolutely we offer child floats (from 8 years) -all children must accompanied by a parent or guardian in the room or you can also float with your child, please refer to our child float page!


Is there any lighting in the Pool?

Yes. We have soft coloured lighting or no light - the option is yours

You may turn the light off in the pod or pool if you are seeking a sensory deprivation experience.


Do I wear bathers?

bathers are optional, however if you feel you may relax more with bathers, then you are welcome to bring yours and shower before hand in them, to remove any phosphates from the fabric. Floatation without bathers has other benefits, such as lymphatic flow in the body.


How long do I float for?

Session times range from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours

We recommend for 1st time floaters to start with a 45 minute- 60 minute float

this will allow yourself time to relax into the experience and truly let go!


Can I float with a friend?

Yes our float pools can accomidate couples or groups of 4 at one time.


What is Sensory Deprivation? 

This is a silent float experience with no light, said to enhance inner journey work, however for your initial float we recommend our carefuly selected float tracks for your mind to follow to facilitate you to drift into your experience.


Is music available?

Yes, we have specific floatation tracks, designed to facilitate meditation and a restful experience for your time in the pod, upon request we record what you liked to play again next time


Are the pools clean?

Yes! Our float  pools have state of the art filtration systems, with tank water running through micro filters, UV treatment in between each session, with daily monitoring of Ph, phosphate and alkaline water health tests. Our tanks meet the requirements of commercial cleanliness standards.


Will floating damage my hair?

The magnesium used in our float pools is a great natural conditioner for hair and will not damage or dry your hair in any way. However the small amount of bromine used to sanitize the water can in very rare occasions react with your hair depending on the type of hair dye used can cause hair to lighten. For those with light / blonde hair  bromine or on the odd occasion  if you are deficent in the Beta Carotene hormone, it can turn blonde hair a tinge green which can be overcome with several washes of shampoo and conditioner.


We understand you have many more curiosities around floating, you are welcome to call us.