Couples Float

Couples Float

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Floatarium - definition - a luxurious warm salt bath in the Roman Bath-house.

Treatment description: Floatation therapy for two people with varying duration options.

Our luxurious & exclusive Floatarium Pools will transport you to the times of Ancient Rome where bathing rituals were practiced every day in opulent bathhouses. Our Floatariums contain a high concentration of Epsom salt to allow your body & mind to de-stress, reach ultimate relaxation & provide natural pain relief. The ancient Floatarium is an amazing experience to share with a loved one.

Prices are per person.

Please note: This purchase does not count as a reservation. You will need to call (08) 7084 2233 to make an appointment and supply the order number to redeem the treatment. This purchase is valid for 3 years and is not redeemable for cash.