Ancient Crystal Float

We have created something beautiful here at Blue Lagoon Float and Spa, We have long been looking forward to sharing with you our - 'Ancient Crystal Float'

Derived from an ancient practice of salt-bath ritual in Egypt and combined with crystal healing knowledge, we offer an opportunity for you to retreat into another realm. Your float experience is amplified by the supernatural quality of our gem selection, you choose your crystal, set your intention and drift away..

You will truly be making space for the new with this time, focusing your attention to yourself, navigate your inner world and align with your desires. Our Ancient Crystal floats are designed to facilitate transition and flow into your life and for you to reconnect to your authentic self.

Your trained therapist will guide you through a pre-float ritual, crystal selection, charge and intention setting.

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75 minutes

Including crystal selection, charging, ritual and introduction to your 1hour float.

Additional opportunity to purchase a crystal pendant matching your chosen crystal on the day to support your journey after your Ancient crystal Float.

- we recommend allowing time to rest, walk, journal and sit quietly after your Ancient Crystal Float

- sitting on the beach or spend time in nature to give space to yourself

- also continue a ritual or mantra to bring you back to your intentions