Zero Gravity Facial - 30min

Zero Gravity Facial - 30min

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Treatment description: 30min zero gravity facial.

Exclusive to Blue Lagoon Float & Spa is our Zero Gravity Facial.

As you recline into a zero gravity position, in one of our state of the art 4D massage chairs, you’ll experience the feeling of weightlessness whilst the 4d rollers massage aches and pains. Airbags will also squeeze and release your entire body, for an incredible touch free massage.

As you drift off into another realm, one of our trained therapists will show your skin the same love with a customised facial of your choice.
A facial AND massage completed at the same time. What a sensory overload!

Great for those that are time poor or that don't like the physical touch of a massage, or simply for those that want to experience a very unique massage treatment.

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